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Our Dark Roast Coffee is roasted to a perfect dark roast, and is NOT over roasted. It is roasted to bring out all the flavor but never burnt or bitter.

  • Cafe' Blend - Dark Roast

    Cafe' Blend - Dark Roast

    From our collection of dark roast cafe coffees. This is a combination of East African coffee, which are completely different in character. Our Breakfast Blend is roasted longer, making this one of our darkest coffees...

    $14.95 - $28.90

  • Costa Rica La Minita Dark Roast

    Costa Rica La Minita Dark Roast

    This is the finest estate-grown coffee from Hacienda La Minita. It has undergone the most meticulous preparation of any coffee. It is grown without the use pesticides; herbicides, or insecticides. This is a very limited...

    $16.23 - $31.46

  • Espresso - Oro

    Espresso - Oro

    So named because of the golden color of the exceptional creme produced. This is a blend of natural and washed processed coffees from Central and South America and Indonesia. It is roasted lighter by a...

    $16.95 - $32.96

  • Espresso - Traditional

    Espresso - Traditional

    A blend of five different Arabica coffees roasted to a dark roast. Reminiscent of Southern Italian espressos but without the normal bite associated with Robusta coffees. This will definitely stand up in Cappuccinos and Lattes...

    $16.00 - $31.00

  • Full City Blend - Dark Roast

    Full City Blend - Dark Roast

    A combination of Central and South American coffees roasted to a ""full city"" roast,- currently popular in the Northwest. In roasting, the natural coffee oils are brought to the surface of the bean. It has...

    $14.87 - $28.74

  • French Roast- Dark Roast

    French Roast- Dark Roast

    Smoky flavor and heavy body.

    $14.87 - $28.74

  • Mountain Blend - Dark Roast

    Mountain Blend - Dark Roast

    Mountain Blend is 1/2 Kenya and 1/2 Sumatra, Dark Roasted to Perfection.

    $18.63 - $36.26

  • Sumatra Mandheling - Dark Roast

    Sumatra Mandheling - Dark Roast

    Probably the most full bodied coffee in the world, it is grown at an altitude of between 2500 and 5000 feet. It has a distinct richness with low acidity. It has a complexity that imparts...

    $16.30 - $31.60

  • Swedish Blend - Dark Roast

    Swedish Blend - Dark Roast

    Fuller than our St. Louis Blend because of the additional dark roasted coffee, but not too heavy as to give it the smokiness of full city blends. Still smooth enough for most palates, but stronger...

    $14.87 - $28.74

  • Viennese Roast - Dark Roast

    Viennese Roast - Dark Roast

    Slightly lighter than French roast, this coffee is flavorful and aromatic with a slightly heavy body.

    $16.30 - $31.60

  • Volcan Blend - Dark Roast

    Volcan Blend - Dark Roast

    From our collection of dark roast cafe coffees. A blend of five different coffees from Indonisian, Central and South American. Each coffee in this blend is chosen for its individual characvteristic, making this a balanced...

    $16.32 - $31.64

  • Gateway Blend

    Gateway Blend

    A hearty blend of both medium and dark roasted coffees. We have taken the best coffees and roasted each separately, then blended them to create a coffee that combines the best of a medium and...

    $14.87 - $28.74

  • Turkish Roast

    Turkish Roast

    For the dark roast lover, all the taste without the burn! An exotic blend of East African and Indonesian coffees resulting in an unforgettable taste. . Finished in a Perfect Dark Roast.

    $16.30 - $31.60

  • Italian Blend

    Italian Blend

     Classic South American coffee, meticulously roasted to a darkest roast. Rich, caramelized taste and pleasant aftertaste, with no burn.

    $14.53 - $28.06